Thank You, The Bold Italic — Forever and Always

Serving as editor-in-chief of this publication has been what [dream jobs] are made of

Matt Charnock


Photo: Wikimedia Commons/GMA

My writing career and The Bold Italic are comically woven in with one another. Since my first published entry into the publication in 2018 — a pragmatic ode to my brief(ish) stint with Hotel Prius — I’ve matured from a TBI fan they/them; to a regular contributor; to its audience and development lead; to a senior editor; to its most recent editor-in-chief.

The brand has, in many ways, become an extension of myself over this years-long stretch.

(As some of you correctly guessed throughout my 19-month tenure, I’ve been the sole biped behind the brand. I was its copyeditor. I moonlighted as its queer, twentysomething social media intern. I was its only editor. I was behind every newsletter — and, consequently, every typo.)

Had it not been for my experiences and roles and relationships made possible by The Bold Italic, my career as a wordsmith would look quite a bit different.

And by “different,” I mean much more hollow and far less fulfilled.

These years spent playing with language, tonalities, and production elements with the Bay Area’s foremost left-of-center publication afforded me the chance to hone my styles. It gave me a safe, unconventional amusement park to explore ideas rooted in new-age journalism. I published some weird-as-fuck articles that I’m still smitten are trailed with SEO-friendly URLs.

I’ve published more than 600 pieces on The Bold italic over my four-plus years with the brand; the overwhelming majority of the essays I consider among my favorite — my best portions of work to date; writings I’ve deemed worthy of space on the fridge — live inside TBI’s archive. For those hyperlinks and opportunities, I’m eternally grateful.

As with anything in life, notions of semi-permanence are both omnipresent and inescapable. While The Bold Italic will continue to remain alive and well on Medium, my time as editor-and-chief sunsets today, August 31st, 2022.

Thus, I’ve decided to close my chapter with TBI to free up more available RAM in my brain-computer.



Matt Charnock

SF transplant, coffee shop frequent; tiny living enthusiast. iPhone hasn’t been off silent mode in nine or so years. Former EIC of The Bold Italic.