A colorful, red, spawning Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). (Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/randimal)

This winter’s onslaught of wet weather, per calculations from the U.S. National Drought Monitor, pulled most of Northern California out of the worst of this years-long drought. San Francisco, as well as much of the Bay Area, is currently categorized as experiencing “D2 Severe Drought” drought conditions — a stark…

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Grant / Parks Conservancy

It’s a common practice of mine now to take a last-minute hike before some sort of lengthy air travel departing from San Francisco. Having missed the Christmas holiday with my family — the byproduct of a series of bleak events that ran the gamut from odious price hikes and multi-day…


“Last night around these parts. #sunset” (Photo: Courtesy of Twitter via Brent Andrew)

“The Bay Snapshot” is a TBI series that showcases the current mood of the Bay Area in a picture or series of pictures. If you have a tip for a future post in the series, email us or DM us on Twitter or Instagram.

Bay Area loci are no strangers…

Photo: Courtesy Getty Images/GMA

In Northern California, we’re fortunate enough to find ourselves in the thick of coastal redwoods groves — groupings of these ancient trees that, like their larger giant sequoia cousins, are among the largest living organisms found anywhere on this planet. These enormous flora home a wide array of fauna; everything…

Photo: Courtesy of Brown Sugar Kitchen

Tanya Holland, the chef-owner of the now-closed Brown Sugar Kitchen location on 2295 Broadway, is a true tour de force. Holland first began welcoming guests inside her game-changing restaurant 15 years ago — the original 10-year-old soul food destination closing in the summer of 2018, before opening a short-lived counter-service…

A female gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park is stalking potential prey. (Photo: Getty Images/

Not all too long ago, North America’s stock of endemic wolves was on the brink of extinction, numbering just a few hundred animals in the early 1900s. But after years — literally decades — of conservation work, North America’s gray wolves have rebounded; the species now includes around 2,000 examples…

Photo: Getty Images/tatianazaets

We’re overworked. We’re tired. We’re unhealthy. We’re burned out. These are sentiments that, more or less, follow the traditional working model — a framework that includes eight-hour workdays, performed five days a week, that will probably leave you with tasks still left to do at the end of the day.

An Australian lungfish simply vibing atop aquarium rocks. (Photo: Gett Images/GMA)

Zoological facilities offer people the rare chance to see some of the world’s most unique, oftentimes at-risk, wildlife. Large exhibits that feature charismatic mammals— reticulated giraffes, African elephants, jaguars, great apes, cetaceans (though this, thankfully, is changing), etc. — are usually the fauna we synonymize with these wildlife parks. …

Matt Charnock

SF transplant, coffee shop frequent; tiny living enthusiast. iPhone hasn’t been off silent mode in nine or so years. Editor of The Bold Italic.

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